Regulatory function and market monitoring

Regulatory function and market monitoring consists of three main elements:

  • Regulatory Function
  • Market Monitoring 
  • Settling disputes and setting conditions

Our work consists of checking that the current market requirements are met (reactive measures), monitoring the development and function of the market in relation to political expectations (proactive measures) as well as setteling disputes and setting conditions.

The Swedish Transport Agency has been commissioned in accordance with the Ordinance (2008:1300) with instructions for the Swedish Transport Agency, through the Railways Market Act (2022:365) and the Railways Market Ordinance (2022:416) as well as through appropriation directions.

The goal for the Regulatory Function and Market Monitoring

The market goal of the Swedish Transport Agency is to work to achieve an effective railway market with healthy competition and equal conditions.

Blockschema marknadstillsyn och marknadsövervakning JVG Engelska


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