Functional Danish-Swedish airspace block

On December 17, 2009, the formal agreement on the formation of a Danish-Swedish functional airspace block was signed by the respective ministers, Sweden's Minister of Infrastructure Åsa Torstensson and Denmark's Minister of Transport Lars Barfoed.

Swedish Transport Agency, in collaboration with the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, Trafikstyrelsen, are the authorities responsible for the governmental aspects of the management of operations within the Danish-Swedish airspace block.

Luftfartsverket (Air Navigation Services of Sweden) and Danish Naviair formed a company NUAC HB which was certified during 2012 by the Swedish Transport Agency in collaboration with Trafikstyrelsen as an ATS (air traffic services) provider. The company took over operations at the three air traffic control centers, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm, to provide ATS En Route as a subcontractor to Luftfartsverket and Naviair.

Over the years, developments in EU have become more focused on technical collaborations and Luftfartsverket and Naviair have therefore decided to discontinue NUAC HB in order to continue cooperation in a new form. The planned new partnership between LFV and Naviair has not yet been formally decided, but is expected in spring 2020.

As a consequence of the liquidation of NUAC HB, operation at the three air traffic control centers, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm, has returned to the parent companies LFV and Naviair, as well as the lent personnel.

Swedish Transport Agency and Trafikstyrelsen have continued collaboration and responsibility within the Danish/Swedish FAB board and relevant sub-groups continue their work pending new decisions.