Functional Danish-Swedish airspace block

In May 2009, the Swedish minister of infrastructure Åsa Torstensson, and the Danish minister of transport Lars Barfoed, agreed that the Swedish and the Danish airspaces were to be joined to form one functional airspace, guaranteeing a more efficient control of air traffic.

On 17 December 2009, the formal agreement to create one airspace block was signed by the two ministers.

The Swedish Transport Agency and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, in cooperation, are the authorities responsible for the governmental aspects of the management of operations within the Danish-Swedish airspace block.

LFV (Air Navigation Services of Sweden) and Danish Naviair have formed a joint subsidiary, NUAC HB (Nordic Unified Air traffic Control), with headquarters in Stockholm. In 2012, NUAC was certified by the Swedish Transport Agency and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority as an ATS (air traffic services) provider.

The same year, NUAC took over operations at the three air traffic control centres in Copenhagen, Malmoe and Stockholm respectively, and, as a subcontractor of LFV and Naviair, started providing ATS en route.

The authorities cooperate in various fields, and under FAB (functional airspace block) Board a number of subgroups have been established with a view to carrying out joint oversight; harmonising rules and regulations as well as the classification of airspace; establishing civil and military cooperation; and following up the common DK-SE FAB performance plan for RP2 and developing a common performance plan for RP3.

The Swedish Transport Agency is responsible for the oversight of NUAC, and in the spring of 2013 carried out the first oversight following NUAC’s certification, in order to make sure that the company’s operations are carried on in a way which is at least as safe as before.

Annual meetings are held, to inform the market about the latest developments in the Danish-Swedish airspace block and to invite consultation.

Click here for a chart showing the governance structure.