The airspace within Sweden FIR is a national responsibility which includes e.g. regulation and harmonisation to fulfil international agreements and requirements.

The Swedish Transport Agency has the overall responsibility for strategic planning of the airspace in order to ensure an optimal exploitation for all airspace users.

The Swedish Transport Agency also provides regulations and policies for airspace configuration and use and is responsible for formal cooperation with The Swedish Armed Forces.


Flight procedures

In order to design flight procedures and validate flight procedures, the organization that intends to deliver services in Sweden is required to have either a (EU) 2017/373 certificate issued by the Swedish Transport Agency, or an equivalent certificate issued in another EU country.

If a foreign (EU) 2017/373 FPD organization wants to deliver services in Sweden, the following applies:

The basis is that certificates and declarations issued by one Member State must be recognized in all Member States. However, the organization that wishes to deliver a service in Sweden have to send its (EU) 2017/373 certificate to the Swedish Transport Agency (preferably to The Swedish Transport Agency must then contact the Civil Aviation Authority that issued the certificate and ask them to verify the certificate. When the Swedish Transport Agency has made the evaluation, we attribute to the organization that wishes to deliver a service that we have taken part in the certificate and acknowledge this. Then the organization can deliver the desired service.


To design airspace, a national approval, issued by the Swedish Transport Agency, is required.