The general charge compensation system for security checks of passengers and their baggage

GAS is a general compensation system where all Swedish security-approved airports’ for security control costs are accumulated and distributed per passenger. The Swedish Transport Agency invoicing the airline for the current charge per passenger who goes through the security control. The purpose of the charge compensation system is that the charge is the same regardless of which airport the passenger departs from.

The charge is based on

  • the airport holder’s estimated costs for security control
  • forecasted passengers transported volumes
  • the Swedish Transport Agency's administrative costs

The Swedish Transport Agency's administrative cost of the system may not exceed one percent of the total invoiced charge.

The Swedish Transport Agency pays compensation to the airports for their reasonable costs for the security control. Airports' costs for security control can be affected by significant circumstances in the outside world that lead to, for example, strong reductions in traffic or changes in the number of passengers.

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