The Pilotage Guide

If a vessel is subject to compulsory pilotage, the master must engage a pilot. The Swedish Transport Agency offers an e-service called the pilotage guide as a means to find out whether or not a vessel is subject to compulsory pilotage in Swedish fairways and waters. The guide covers all designated pilotage fairways in Sweden.

The vessel, the cargo and the fairway

The Pilotage Guide contains a number of questions to be answered, about the size of the vessel and its construction, about the type of cargo onboard, and about the waters where the vessel is to be navigated. These are the factors that determine whether or not the vessel will be subject to compulsory pilotage.

The guide contains an updated list of all hazardous chemicals in bulk that may entail compulsory pilotage regardless of vessel size. You may not know the exact name of the chemical the vessel is carrying, but you may still find out if it is necessary to engage a pilot. However, you need to state which pollution category the chemical belongs to and the vessel type that must be used for the transport.

The pilotage guide can also help you find out whether a vessel is subject to compulsory pilotage when it is navigated outside a designated pilotage fairway but still in Swedish internal waters, and whether compulsory pilotage applies to a vessel towing another unit.

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If you need help, read Instructions to the pilotage guide.

Regulations on compulsory pilotage

The Pilotage Guide is a means for those who wish to find out if a vessel is subject to compulsory pilotage. However, the regulations in force always have precedence. They are found in the Swedish Transport Agency's Regulations and General Advice (TSFS 2012:38) on Pilotage (only available in Swedish).

Note: The Pilotage Guide is designed to take into account virtually all factors that govern pilotage in Sweden. There are, however, a few rare exemptions and very occasionally applicable regulations which have not been included in this initial version of the guide. The exemptions are described in Chapter 2 Sections 10 and 11 in TSFS 2012:38. The regulations which have not been included in the guide apply to pushers (Chapter 2 Section 9) and towing in Trollhätte kanal (Annex 1, page 39). Click here to find an extract from the pilotage regulations containing these exemptions and regulations.

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