Traffic permits

The following types of traffic require a permit from the Swedish Transport Agency:

  • Scheduled air service and charter between Sweden and a third country
  • Third country operators running scheduled air services and charter between Sweden and countries within the internal aviation market and for domestic aerial transports. 
  • Overflights of Swedish territory, except for scheduled air services - if the right derives from a bilateral or multilateral agreement, or for flights other than scheduled air services by foreign aircraft - if the right derives from the Chicago Convention of 7 December 1944 on international civil aviation. 
  • Specialised operations which will be carried out in Sweden by air carriers or aircraft operators from a third country. 
  • Taxi flight intended to be carried out as a domestic flight in Sweden by a third country operator. 

Regulations on traffic permits

The Swedish Transport Agency has issued regulations on traffic permits and the exercise of traffic rights, called The Swedish Transport Agency regulations (TSFS 2017:70) on traffic permits and the exercise of traffic rights. 

The regulations contain the provisions in Commission Regulation (EU) No 452/2014 of 29 April 2014. According to the Regulation, all third country operators applying for a traffic permit shall have an approval of safety from EASA, a so called TCO authorisation. TCO is an abbreviation for Third Country operator. Another goal has been to make the regulations more clear.


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