Interim registration

The aircraft can be given an interim registration, if the aircraft has to be flown to Sweden before the Swedish inspection of airworthiness has taken place.

New routine regarding registration and updating of emergency transmitter ELT406

As of March 1, 2022, the Swedish Maritime Administration is the responsible authority for handling owner/holder contact information for ELT406 for Swedish-registered civil aircraft.

At the same time that the Swedish Maritime Administration takes over responsibility, new routines are introduced which mean that an owner/holder is responsible for administering (registering and updating) their information about ELT406 in the International Beacon Registration Database (IBRD).

Read more about the new routine and registering emergency transmitters on the Swedish Maritime Administration's website.

An interim registration is valid for a maximum of three months. An aircraft with an interim registration may only be flown from abroad to Sweden for registration and inspection of airworthiness.

The following documents are needed for an interim registration

  • Ansökan om registrering (TSL 7630) (Application for registration, Swedish only), original document
  • Fångeshandling (TSL 7642), Bill of Sale (TSL 7641) or other document (contract of sale, invoice) which shows that the aircraft has been purchased. Original document, fax or certified true copy.
  • Certificate of de-registration from the authority of the exporting country. Email or fax : +46 11 18 98 35
  • Certificate of insurance according to Regulation (EC) No 785/2004, which shows the Swedish registration mark (original document or certified true copy). The insurance company must be approved by Finansinspektionen.
  • Application for Exemption (TSL7643) (only for companies or citizens with a nationality outside of the EEA) – original document.
  • Photo of the aircraft's manufacturing plate. The plate shall show, amongst other things, manufacturer, type designator and serial number.

We will also need the following documents of authority for:


Certificate of registration from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, showing authorised signatories for the company. This document needs to be an original document or certified true copy, and no older than 6 months.

For foreign companies a document is required which is equivalent to the certificate of registration from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, or authentic documents where the country's notary public confirms the existence and authorised signatories of the company. This document needs to be the original document and can be no older than 6 months.

...flying clubs

  • Extract from minutes showing authorised signatories of the club. This document needs to be an original document or a certified true copy. Statutes (required if the flying club has just been formed or if the statutes have been updated).

...private persons

  • Birth certificate which shows citizenship. This document needs to be an original document or a certified true copy and can be no older than 12 months.
  • Foreign citizens: certified true copy of a valid passport.