Recognised organisations

The Swedish Transport Agency has delegated a large part of the statutory certification and services of ships registered in Sweden to recognised organisations (classification societies). The certificates and documents, and associated surveys and inspections, that have been delegated is stated in appendix 1 of the delegation agreement. Any ship holding these certificates/documents can engage a recognised organisation to perform surveys and inspections instead of the Swedish Transport Agency.


The Swedish Transport Agency has delegated surveys and inspections to and entered into agreement with the following five recognised organisations:

The agreements are identical for all recognised organisations and the latest version of the agreements entered into force on 1 November 2019:

Swedish requirements and instructions

The Swedish Transport Agency has issued the following requirements and instructions that the ROs shall apply, in addition to the current agreement and applicable instruments.  

Engaging a recognised organisation

If you want to engage a recognised organisation for surveys and inspections, you shall inform the Swedish Transport Agency of this by filling out and sending us the form "Engaging recognised organisation - ship" and/or "Engaging recognised organisation - company" together with a declaration from the organisation you are engaging.  The declaration can be made via the form "Declaration of the performance of statutory certification and services “.

When the forms have been submitted, the Swedish Transport Agency will confirm from which date that recognised organisation is responsible for the surveys and inspections of your ship or company.

Helpline for RO only

Duty Officer of the Swedish Transport Agency (24/7)
Telephone: +46 771 52 00 52
Only to be used in urgent cases