Information for passengers

Registration of Passengers

All passengers on board a passenger ship (Swedish and foreign, arriving and departing from a Swedish port) must be counted before the departure of the ship. Information on the number of passengers on board a ship shall be provided to the ship's land organization and the ship's master. The information must be collected before departure and submitted to the person responsible for registration when the ship departs.

For journeys of more than 20 nautical miles, corresponding to 37 km, the following information must also be registered:

  • Names (first name, last name and initials)
  • Gender (according to the Swedish Tax Agency's population register database)
  • Age, year of birth or age group
  • Nationality

The change that is now entering into force (March 2022) means that all passengers must prove the above information through a valid identity document with a photograph. An approved identity document refers to, for example, a driving license or passport. This does not apply to the registration of persons under the age of 18 traveling in the company of a parent who can present a valid identity document with a photograph.

When traveling between Swedish ports, control of an identity document only applies if there is reason to assume that the information provided may be incorrect.