Application for coastal trade permit

The Swedish Transport Agency may, on application, grant permission to transport goods or passengers for Swedish coastal traffic to foreign vessels if Swedish registered transport is not available (Regulation 1974: 235).

The application for a coastal trade permit  (application in Swedish) shall contain the following information:

  • Name of ship
  • The ship's gross tonnage / deadweight
  • Vessel call sign / IMO number
  • The ship's flag state
  • Between which ports / locations shipment is transported
  • Type of cargo
  • Cargo Quantity
  • The date of loading
  • If the cargo makes special demands on ship

Possible additions may be required.


Before the application is sent to the Swedish Transport Agency, proof that the cargo has been quoted on the shipping market for at least 48 hours and that Swedish tonnage is not available, must be presented. Proof shall be provided in the form of a copy of the listing on the webpage Baltic Spot and/or in the form of a certificate from the broker.

Handling of application

Applications shall be forwarded to

The Swedish Transport Agency
SE-601 73 Norrköping


Copies of the decision are sent for information to:

  • The Swedish Coast Guard
  • The Swedish Customs
  • Sweship
  • SEKO Seafarers

The decision on granting a coastal trade permit is also published at the Swedish Transport Agency's website.


Transport Agency charges a fee for the examination of applications for coastal trade permits (cabotage). For more information, refer to Avgifter om kustfartstillstånd.