Protest against too high contents of sulphur in bunker oil

If the bunker delivery is found to have a sulphur content above the sulphur content stated in the bunker note, the flag state of the ship shall be notified. Such information is to be given in a “Notification of protest” report by the person responsible on board. A digital form is available - Notification of protest.

For Swedish ships the following applies:
- the form
- a copy of the bunker receipt, and
- the analysis report
shall be sent to the Maritime Department of the Swedish Transport Agency, either by e-mail to or by telefax to: +46 (0)11 239934.

If the fuel oil supplier is located in another country, the Maritime Department shall inform the administration in that country in order for them to take appropriate action against the supplier.

Since analyses of the sulphur contents in the fuel oil may show differences, it is always the representative oil sample (handed over at the bunkering to the ship by the supplier) that is conclusive. The Maritime Department may therefore in special cases request access to the representative oil sample for further analysis.

Additional information on the applicable regulations can be read in MEPC/Circ.472 and MARPOL 73/78, Annex VI, Reg. 18.