Trinidad och Tobago

An agreement between the Government of Sweden and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago Relating to Air Services was signed in 1969.

The agreement was signed on 2 November 1969. 

Designation principle

Multiple designation 

Traffic rights for airlines designated by Sweden

Scandinavia - Germany - France - Netherlands - Belgium - Switzerland - Spain - Portugal - West Africa - Antigua - Barbados - Trinidad and Tobago - Colombia - Panama - Ecuador - Peru - Chile. 

The designated airline(s) may make stops at points outside the territory of the other Contracting Party which have not been included in this Annex, such stops not being regarded as constituting a modification of the Annex. However, no commercial rights can be enjoyed by the said airline between such stops and the territory of the other Contracting Party. Any point in the above-mentioned Route List may at the option of the designated airline be omitted on one or all flights. 

Capacity provisions

Provision for the carriage of passengers, cargo and mail both taken up and put down at points on the specified routes in the territories of States other than that designating the airline shall be made in accordance with the general principles that capacity shall be related to:

(a) traffic  requirements between the country of origin and the countries of destination;

(b) traffic requirements of the area through which the airline passes, after taking account of the services established by airlines of the other Contracting Party; and

 (c) the requirements of through airline operations.