An agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Federal Military Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for air services between and beyond their respective territories was signed in 1977.

The agreement was signed on 11 March 1977. 

Designation principle

Single designation 

Traffic rights for airline designated by Sweden

Points in Scandinavia - Intermediate points (Points in Germany except Frankfurt, points in Spain except Madrid, points in Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands except Amsterdam, Yugoslavia, Morocco, Tunisia, points in Switzerland except Zurich and Geneva) - Lagos -  Points beyond (Lusaka, Libreville, Accra, Kinshasa, Luanda).  

The designated airline may omit any point on any of the flights on the specified routes. 

The designated airline may terminate any of its services on the specified routes. 

Any request from the Swedish aeronautical authorities to include additional points in Nigerian territory shall be considered on its merits by the Nigerian Government. 

No 5th freedom rights shall be exercised between Nigeria and any of the following points in either direction by the designated airline of the Kingdom of Sweden: Lusaka, Libreville, Accra, Kinshasa and Luanda. (Lusaka and Libreville was added in verbal note from 11 January 1979). 

Capacity provisions

Frequency: Twice weekly in each direction.