Application for permits

The Swedish Transport Agency’s regulations must be followed for maritime transports of dangerous goods in packaged form. The regulations are based on the international IMDG Code and contain detailed provisions on classification, marking, packaging, etc. Certain sections of the regulations require a permit from an authorised government agency, e.g., for the transport to be carried out in a particular way or for a certain package to be used.

Consignors who wish to utilise an exemption to the regulations requiring a permit must send an  application to: The Swedish Transport Agency, P.O. Box 653, SE-601 15 Norrköping, Sweden, e-mail: (or to the authorised agency according to the regulations). For a decision to be made on the application for a permit, the agency needs the most detailed information possible about the transport and the product to be transported.

Examples of information that may be required to take a decision on whether to permit the transport of a certain substance (which is not already permitted) in a tank container or tank vehicle at sea include:

  • Applicant’s reasons
  • Relevant substance
  • UN number
  • Packaging group
  • Properties, product information (as detailed as possible)
  • Scope: how often, when, etc.
  • Where the transport will take place
  • Type of tank
  • Test results
  • Permits from other agencies/countries, if any
  • Report of any experience from transports via other modes of transport

Other government agencies and countries may need to be contacted as transports often involved multiple modes of transport and more than one country.

We cooperate systematically with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Airports and Air Navigation Services with regard to permits applicable to explosive substances and articles in Class 1. Cases that come into the RSA on whether a certain product should be approved for transport are automatically forwarded to the Swedish Transport Agency for decisions regarding maritime or air transport. This cuts processing times and the applicant receives permits for handling and transport at the same time. The information required for the application is posted on the MSB website.