Digitalising the process for criminal records checks for aviation security

The Swedish Transport Agency handles approximately 12,000 applications for criminal records checks for aviation security per year. Currently, all communication is carried out using paper; application, request for completion, petition to the Swedish Security Service, response from the Swedish Security Service, certificate of approved records checks, cancellation of records checks, etc. This procedure is costly both in terms of time and the environment, and we want to improve this by digitalising the entire process.

The goal of the digitalisation

Above all, we want to develop a simplified and shortened handling of criminal records checks for both external and internal users. This by offering tools that minimize the possibility of wrongful registration of applications as well as creating automated flows and registrations, which also means faster and safer transfer of information between the Swedish Transport Agency and external parties.

By creating a digital application form with mandatory data avoiding necessary information to be left out causing the need for completion, and with the possibility of automatic processing for applications without attachments, the processing time will be significantly reduced for a large part of the applications.

With the process becoming digital, we will also reduce the environmental impact by saving a large amount of paper and shipping of letters by mail.

This will be digitalised

The entire process of criminal records checks in aviation security will be digitalised; application, completion of the application, dispatch of decisions and certificate of approved records check, cancellation of records check, etc.

This will not be digitalised

However, the outcome of criminal records checks with occurrence in the registers at the Swedish Security Service, will be handled according to current routine, so these will not be handled digitally.

REKON - The Swedish Transport Agency’s IT system for digital handling of records checks for aviation security

Initially, the Swedish Transport Agency carried out a procurement to see if there was a ready-made system on the market for us to use in the digitalisation. However, we came to the conclusion that in order to cover all needs, we have to build a system on our own. This is now an ongoing project at the Swedish Transport Agency in collaboration with reference groups consisting of people who will use the system when completed.

The name of the new IT system is REKON and it will be introduced to you continuously during 2024.

Foreign operators

Initially, foreign operators will not be able to use the new IT system. This because the login procedure requires the possession of a Swedish Bank ID. For them, the application process will continue to be carried out using paper until there is a digital solution for foreign users in REKON. However, the existing application process by paper will be replaced in connection with the introduction of the new IT system.

The launch of REKON

The launch of REKON is planned for April 10, 2024. Further information about the launch as well as the introduction to REKON will be carried out continuously during 2023. The information will be conveyed both in writing and through digital or physical meetings.


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