CSR (Continuous Synopsis Record)

SOLAS, Chapter XI-1, regulation 5 specifies the requirement for vessels to have a Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) onboard. This requirement entered into force 1 July 2004.

Who needs to have a CSR onboard?
All passenger- and cargo vessels of 500 gross tonnages and above, on international voyages (with the exception from pleasure crafts, fishing vessels, barges and battle ships). In Sweden international voyage includes any voyage between main land and Gotland.

In Sweden the Swedish Transport Agency are responsible for issuing CSR documents (with amendments).

The CSR file
The first CSR document issued to a ship is numbered "1" and subsequent CSR documents will be sequentially numbered. The CSR document is numbered sequentially throughout the vessels lifetime including all changes of flag.

The CSR provides a historical record of ship related information. The ship's CSR file includes:

  • All CSR documents (form 1) issued by the vessel's flag state(s), numbered sequentially over the life of the ship;
  • All amendment forms (form 2) attached to each individual CSR document relating to changes made to the CSR document; and
  • All amendments (form 3) listing all amendments (specified by amendment forms) relating to each CSR document and attached to form 1.

The CSR file shall be available for inspection at all times. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the CSR file is maintained and up to date.

Notification of changes
The owner or the master must fill in the amendments to the CSR, form 2, as soon as the owner or master are informed about any changes as:

  • state of ownership
  • ISM-company
  • ship's name
  • ship's port of registry
  • Organization which issues DOC, SMC or ISSC

A copy of the form shall be sent to the Swedish Transport Agency (STA), Maritime and Civil Aviation Department, SE-601 73 Norrköping, Sweden. The amendment must be noted on form 3 - index of amendments, which must be kept together with the valid CSR. 

The STA will issue a revised and updated CSR document as soon as possible but not later than three months from the date of the change.

Loss or damage
In case of loss or damage to the ship's CSR file, the owner shall notify the STA and submit the list of the papers lost or damaged. The STA will provide the ship owner with the relevant duplicates of the ship's CSR documents and amendments. All duplicates will be marked "duplicate".

Contact the Swedish Transport Agency - pia.karlsson@transportstyrelsen.se