Electrical Installations

Electrical installations onboard ships shall be designed for high reliability and be executed so that the risk of injury onboard is minimised.

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulates this for passenger ships and cargo ships with gross tonnage of 500 or greater in international traffic.

Swedish vessels are subject to the Swedish Maritime Administration’s ordinance SJÖFS 2008:81, chapter  18 to 24, Appendix 2 and  SJÖFS 2008:81 chapter 31 and 33 for vessels with unattended machinery space.

There are special regulations for high-speed craft according to the HSC code (SJÖFS 2003:12) .There are common EC rules for passenger ships in domestic traffic(SJÖFS 2002:17) (98/18/EG) and fishing vessels longer than 24 metres (SJÖFS 1999:27) (97/70/EG).

The classification societies have detailed rules for electrical installations and perform type approvals of equipment installed onboard.