A declaration on dangerous or polluting goods is a document containing information on the transported goods classified as dangerous or polluting goods. Such a declaration shall be delivered to the master or operator before the goods are taken on board. It shall be the duty and responsibility of the shipper to deliver to the master or operator such a declaration, and to ensure that the shipment offered for carriage is indeed the one that has been declared.

The declaration shall contain the following mandatory cargo information:


The correct technical names of the dangerous or polluting goods, such as:
- official name of dangerous goods transported in packed form (IMDG code)
- product name of dangerous and noxious liquid chemicals carried in bulk (IBC code)
- product name of liquefied gases carried in bulk (IGC Code)


The United Nations (UN) numbers for dangerous goods in package form (IMDG Code) and for substances according to the IGC-Code, where these UN numbers exist


– Classes and hazard classes in accordance with the IMDG Code
– Pollution categories and hazards according to IBC code
– Where appropriate, the class of the ship as defined by the INF Code


The quantities of such goods and their location on board and, if they are being carried in cargo transport units other than tanks, the identification number thereof


Address (see definition in section 5 TSFS 2010:159) from which detailed information on the cargo may be obtained


Additional information that should be notified in the declaration is:

  • For the substances referred to in Annex I to the MARPOL Convention, the safety data sheet detailing the physico-chemical characteristics of the products, including, where applicable, their viscosity expressed in cSt at 50°C and their density at 15°C
  • Other data contained in the safety data sheet in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.286(86)
  • The emergency numbers of the shipper or any other person or body in possession of information on the physico-chemical characteristics of the products and on the action to be taken in an emergency