Pilot exemption certificate (PEC)

One kind of exemption from the compulsory use of pilot in Swedish waters is called pilot exemption.

As a general principle the use of pilot is compulsory in the Swedish internal waters (landward of the baseline). The Swedish Transport Agency is the authority responsible for issuing detailed regulations on compulsory pilotage concerning the areas where it is in force and the vessels to which it applies. The regulations can be found in The Swedish Transport Agency’s Regulations and General Advice (TSFS 2022:94) on Pilotage.

The regulations regulate the possibility for the master of a vessel or another signed on nautical officer to be granted an exemption from compulsory pilotage.

Pilot Exemption Certificate can be granted the master of a vessel or another nautical officer on the vessel. A nautical officer other than the master may only use his or her Pilot Exemption Certificate if the master is also in possession of a PEC for the vessel and the fairway concerned.

You will find more detailed information on the procedures, including a description of the knowledge required to obtain a new PEC, in this PDF booklet.

Information for those applying for a pilot exemtion certificate (pdf, 2,5 mB)


You will find application forms for a new PEC here. Some of these forms shall also be used when you apply for a renewal of a PEC or when you apply for a supplementary addition to a PEC.

Give yourself a good margin (at least 4 weeks) when applying for a renewal of or a supplementary addition to a Pilot Exemption Certificate.
State the appropriate contact address, invoice address, telephone number and e-mail address on all applications.


Note: The fees charged by The Swedish Transport Agency for new and renewed PECs, and for supplementary additions to existing PECs, refer to the handling of the application. This means that the fee shall be paid irrespective of the resulting decision (granting or rejection). In addition, fees will be charged for any resits and extra examinations.

It is also important to know that the Swedish Maritime Administrations fees for pilotage during informational passages and the examinations for pilot exemption certificate is not covered by the Transport Agencys fees for pilot exemption certificate.


Applications for Pilot Exemption Certificates (PECs) or applications for renewals of or supplementary additions to such exemptions are to be sent to:

Swedish Transport Agency
Civil Aviation and Maritime Department
SE-601 73 Norrköping

Telephone no: +46 771 503 503
Fax: +46 11 23 88 12
E-mail: pec@transportstyrelsen.se