You don't need to stop and pay at the tolling station. When you drive your vehicle past a control point, you pass a camera that takes a picture of your vehicle's registration plate. The picture is sent to the Swedish Transport Agency where the vehicle is identified.

Then the Swedish Transport Agency sends a payment slip to the owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is registered in Sweden.

If you use an online bank (Internet bank) via your Swedish bank, you can sign up for electronic invoice ("e-faktura" in Swedish) for congestion tax ("trängselskatt" in Swedish). We will then send you the invoice directly to your online bank instead of sending it by post.

You can also sign up for direct debit ("autogiro" in Swedish) in your online bank. This will allow the congestion tax to be debited from your bank account automatically. You can combine direct debit with the electronic invoice.

If the vehicle is registered abroad, the Swedish Transport Agency has entrusted a notification partner to identify the owner of the vehicle, send out invoices to and obtain payments from the owner of the vehicle via EPASS24.