Price information for taxi journeys in Sweden

Before choosing a taxi, make sure you check the price information that all taxi companies are required to display on their vehicles. The price information will show you the price for a typical taxi journey.

All taxi-registered vehicles in Sweden must have price information displayed on the outside as well as the inside of the vehicle. The purpose of the price information is to provide the price for a “typical journey”, which covers a distance of 10 kilometers and takes 15 minutes. You can find the maximum price for such a journey written in large black numbers on yellow background.

Bild - Prisinformation på utsidan av taxifordonet

Free pricing applies

Taxi fares in Sweden are not regulated, which means that it is up to each taxi company to set its own fares. Fares may vary and have no upper limit, which is why it is important that you check the price information before your journey. Taxi fares may also vary depending on the day and time of your journey.

If you wish to have a fixed rate for your journey, ask the taxi driver before the journey starts if the company offers fixed rates.

Price information before the journey

If the price information lists a fare that is higher than 500 SEK, you are entitled to information regarding the maximum amount payable for your specific journey before the start of the journey. You may ask for such information in writing.

Before choosing a taxi, always check the following:

  • the vehicle should have yellow number plates and a taximeter installed
  • the price information should be seen clearly on the outside of the vehicle
  • the driver’s taxi identity card must be prominently displayed – the six digit driver identification code on the card makes it easy to identify the driver if you should have a complaint

Choose the taxi company that suits you best. You do not have to take the taxi at the head of the queue.

Bild - utseende på taxiförarlegitimation

Appearance of the taxi driver's identity card.

Paying the fare

Make sure that you get a taximeter slip when you arrive at your destination. The slip shows the vehicle registration number along with details about the taxi company and the driver, including the driver identification code.

Save the taximeter slip, as you will need to refer to it if you forgot something in the car or if you wish to file a complaint. In such cases, it is best to call the taxi company.

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