Switchboard & customer services

You are welcome to phone The Swedish Transport Agency and we will help you with your matters. The price to call our 0771-numbers depends on your subscription and telephone operator.

The Swedish Transport Agency switchboard is open weekdays between 8 AM-4.30 PM.

Read more about opening hours during the holidays

SwitchboardTelephone numbers
The Swedish Transport Agency 0771-503 503
From abroad you call +46 771 503 503

Our customer services are open:

  • Monday through Friday, 8 AM-4:30 PM
Customer servicesTelephone numbers
(From abroad you call +46 771 xx xx xx)
Customer service: Questions about vehicles 0771-14 15 16
Text telephone: Questions about vehicles 010-495 64 91
Customer service: Questions about driving licences 0771-81 81 81
Text telephone: Questions about driving licences 010-495 64 90
Customer service: Questions about congestion taxes 0771-29 29 29
Text telephone: Questions about congestion taxes 010-495 64 91
Customer service: Shipping personnel 0771-41 33 00

Questions and comments

You can ask questions and submit your comments to us by using our web form.
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