The activities of the Transport Agency with regarding to permits, inspections and record keeping shall mainly be financed through the levying of charges.

The basic idea is that modal traffic shall be on equal terms. Previously to 2011, operations that were conducted in relation to the various modes of traffic were funded in different ways - some were financed by appropriations from tax revenues and some were contributory (by levying charges).

The reason why the Transport Agency changed its financing was part of an extensive restructuring work which Parliament and the Government implemented in the transport sector. The formation of the government agencies The Swedish Transport Administration and Transport Analysis form a part of the work that has been done.

Cost recovery is the principle

The charges that have been determined for the Transport Agency's services and products are based on the time needed for processing the respective cases. When little time is spent, the agency only charges a fee equal to the administrative cost of handling the issue and in some cases no charge is levied at all.

The charges go into the State Treasury The agency determines how much it will charge. The charges then go into the State Treasury. The agency will then be assigned a grant each year. The grant will be allocated between the departments within the agency so that it corresponds to the charges levied for each transport mode. One transport mode may not finance another.