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The Flight School European Flight Training Academy AB (EFTA) has filed for bankruptcy

EFTA European Flight Training Academy AB has 2014-06-18 been declared bankrupt by the District Court of Stockholm.

Appointed trustee by the Ditrict Court, is Bankruptsy Attorney Reine Nelson.

Students attending courses at European Flight Training Academy AB, that has questions regarding the bankruptsy or other issues, should contact Attorney Reine Nelson, adress: Box 3518,103 69 STOCKHOLM

Courses not completed at European Flight Training Academy AB can be completed at other approved ATOs. To be able to transfer to an other approved ATO, students should contact an approved ATO of choice. The new ATO will need all the course documentation from the students previous training (from the Bankruptsy Attorney). The new ATO will then, based on recieved course documentation, make an assessment on further training, for courses not completed at EFTA.


Briefing for non-Swedish Examiners

European Aircrew Regulation requires all non-Swedish examiners who wish to conduct skill tests, proficiency tests and/or Assessments of Competence on Swedish licence holders to inform the Swedish Transport Agency of their intention to conduct such an event.

Briefing for non-Swedish Examiners