Inbjudan - Circular letter No.

Agenda item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date Received


Adoption of the agenda
MEPC/CAS 1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 27/11/2000


Information on relevant outcomes of MEPC 45 and MSC 73


Consideration of the Condition Assessment Scheme
MEPC/CAS 3 Condition Assessment Scheme under MAPROL Regulation 13G Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and IACS 29/12/2000
MEPC/CAS 3/1 This document contains comments on a proposal for a Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) to supplement the provisions of the proposed amendments to regulation 13G of Annex I to MARPOL Germany 16/01/2001
MEPC/CAS 3/2 Condition Assessment Scheme under MARPOL regulation 13G IACS 23/01/2001
MEPC/CAS 3/3 Condition Assessment Scheme under MARPOL regulation 13G France 23/01/2001
MEPC/CAS 3/4 Comments on the proposed CAS INTERTANKO 06/02/2001
MEPC/CAS INF.2 Alternative Phasing Out Schedule for Category 1 Tankers Secretariat 09/02/2001


Any other business


Consideration of the Report of the Intersessional Working Group
MEPC/CAS INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 06/03/2001

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