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Agenda item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date Received


  Adoption of the agenda    
  CWGSP 12/1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 05/08/2011


  Status of implementation of resolution A.1013(26)    
  CWGSP 12/2 This document updates the Working Group on the status of implementation of resolution A.1013(26) and of its related migration plan Secretariat 01/09/2011


  Review of planned outputs and indicators during the 2010-2011 biennium    
  CWGSP 12/3 This document provides consolidated and updated information and analyses on the status of the Organization's planned outputs for the 2010-2011 biennium (resolution A.1012(26)) and on its performance as measured against the performance indicators and key performance indicators of IMO's Strategic Plan (resolution A.1011(26)) Secretariat 22/09/2011


  Review of the Organization's Strategic Plan    
  CWGSP 12/4 This document proposes a draft Assembly resolution on an updated Strategic Plan for the Organization (for the six-year period 2012-2017) Secretariat 19/09/2011


  Review of the High-level Action Plan    
  CWGSP 12/5 The annex to this document sets out the Organization’s proposed high-level actions and planned outputs for the 2012-2013 biennium Secretariat 21/09/2011


  Alignment of the planning and budgeting cycles    
  CWGSP 12/6 This document provides information, in response to the request of the Council, for the Group to consider the modalities by which it will carry out its work once the planning and budgeting cycles are aligned Secretariat 20/09/2011


  Existing and future administrative burdens    
  CWGSP 12/7 This document summarizes the status, to date, of discussion on the reduction of administrative burdens within the Council and other IMO organs and fora Secretariat 02/09/2011
  CWGSP 12/7/1 Periodic Review of Administrative Burdens Denmark 16/09/2011
  CWGSP 12/7/2 Reducing Administrative Burdens Australia, Denmark and Sweden 16/09/2011


  Assessment of risks as envisaged by resolution A.1013(26)    
  CWGSP 12/8 This document updates the Working Group on the principles underlying the application of the Risk Management Framework within the meaning of resolution A.1013(26) and on the actions requested of the Working Group by the Council in this regard; and provides some suggested principles for a methodology by which this might be achieved Secretariat 01/09/2011


  Electronic working    
  CWGSP 12/9 This document reports on progress following proposals made by the Bahamas at the 106th session of the Council Secretariat 23/08/2011


  Any other business    
  CWGSP 12/10 Measures to reduce meeting costs Secretariat 19/09/2011


  Consideration and adoption of summary of decisions    


CWGSP 12/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 12/10/2011

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