Inbjudan - Circular letter No.2945

Agenda Item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date received


  Adoption of the agenda    
  CWGSP 9/1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 19/02/2009


  Guidelines on the application of the Strategic and High-level Action Plans: report of the Correspondence Group    
  CWGSP 9/2 This document contains the second and final report of the Correspondence Group that was established to develop Guidelines on the application of the Strategic Plan and the High-level Action Plan. The document reports on the proceedings of the Group since the meeting of CWGSP 8 (September 2008), presents the present state of affairs in the preparation of the Guidelines and includes a comprehensive set of provisional draft Guidelines in the annex to the document. The endnotes in the appendix to the annex reflect the (exchange of) views of the Correspondence Group on specific issues included in the provisional draft guidelines. Netherlands 08/04/2009
  CWGSP 9/2/1 This document proposes that the Ad Hoc Council Working Group on the Organization’s Strategic Plan accepts the propositions in paragraph 2.14 of document CWGSP 9/2 and considers the revised provisional draft guidelines in the annex to this document Chile, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden 15/04/2009
  CWGSP 9/2/2 Draft Assembly resolution for the adoption of the Guidelines Netherlands 09/04/2009


  Long-term strategy for the reduction of costs of international meetings    
  CWGSP 9/3 This document provides an initial identification of short- to medium-term options for reducing the costs of international meetings, in support of the development of a longer-term strategy in the context of the programme budget for the 2010-2011 biennium Secretariat 21/04/2009


  Any other business    
  CWGSP 9/4 United Nations General Assembly resolution 63/232 on Operational Activities for Development Secretariat 07/04/2009


  Consideration and adoption of summary of decisions    
  CWGSP 9/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 01/07/2009

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