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  Adoption of the agenda    
  CWGSP 8/1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 25/07/2008


  Consideration of recommendations by the Joint Inspection Unit    
  CWGSP 8/2 This document makes proposals for a strategic approach to recommendations 1 and 7 of the Joint Inspection Unit report “Review of management and administration in the International Maritime Organization (IMO)” which has been referred to the Group by the Council for further consideration Secretariat 08/09/2008


  Guidelines on the application of the Strategic and High-level Action Plans: report of the Correspondence Group    
  CWGSP 8/3 This document contains the report of the Correspondence Group that was established for the development of the Guidelines on the application of the Strategic Plan and the High-level Action Plan Secretariat 18/08/2008


  Analysis of data measured against the performance indicators    
  CWGSP 8/4 The annex to this document provides a progress report on the production of the Organization's planned outputs for the 2006-2007 biennium Secretariat 11/09/2008


  Status report on outputs produced during the current biennium    
  CWGSP 8/5 This document updates the information submitted to the Ad Hoc Council Working Group on the Organization's Strategic Plan, in document CWGSP 7/5 and Corr.1, on the Organization's performance as measured against the performance indicators contained in the Strategic Plan. It also provides an analysis of such information, taking into account the recommendations of CWGSP 7, and commentary on the overall structure of the performance indicators Secretariat 19/08/2008


  Future work programme    


  Any other business    


  Consideration and adoption of summary of decisions    
  CWGSP 8/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 23/09/2008

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