Circular letter No.2574

Agenda Item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date received


  Adoption of the agenda    
  CWGSP 4/1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 07/09/2004
  CWGSP 4/1/1 Annotations to the Provisional Agenda Secretariat 07/09/2004


  Review of the data measured against the performance indicators    
  CWGSP 4/2 Issues to be considered Secretariat 09/09/2004


  Consideration of the recommendations of the Technical Co-operation Committee    
  CWGSP 4/3

This document contains the recommendations made by TCC 54 on the indicators in the Strategic Plan on delivery of technical assistance

Secretariat 09/09/2004


  Identification of the preferred method of monitoring the Organization's performance    
  CWGSP 4/4 Options considered by the Council Secretariat 09/09/2004


  Review of the Organization's long-term work plan and development of high-level action plans and prioritization of areas of work    
  CWGSP 4/5 Draft high-level action plan Secretariat 09/09/2004
  CWGSP 4/5/1 Prioritization of areas of work Secretariat 09/09/2004


  Review of preliminary proposals on the linkage between the work programme and agendas, high-level action plans, priorities and the strategic objectives    
  CWGSP 4/6 Preliminary proposals Secretariat 09/09/2004


  Review of proposals on the relationship between programme budgets and the Organization's strategic objectives    
  CWGSP 4/7 Preliminary draft proposals Secretariat 10/09/2004


  Development of a mechanism for the review and updating of the Strategic Plan    
  CWGSP 4/8 Proposed reporting arrangements Secretariat 09/09/2004


  Any other business    


  Consideration and adoption of summary of decisions    
  CWGSP 4/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 12/10/2004

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