Circular letter No.2807
Circular letter No.2807/Rev.1          Svensk rapport

Agenda Item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date received


  Adoption of the agenda    
  CWGRM 2/1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 03/08/2007


  Outcome of the ninety-eighth session of the Council    


  Development of a risk management process    
  CWGRM 2/3 This document provides a draft risk management process for the consideration of the Group, further developed as requested by Council at its ninety-eighth session. The draft risk management process set out herein is informed by the information submitted to the Intersessional Correspondence Group, in document C 96/5(b), and on the discussions of the first session of this Group Secretariat 07/09/2007
  CWGRM 2/3/1 This document outlines the United Kingdom’s further thoughts on
developing quantitative and qualitative risk assessment and a risk
appetite statement associated with each high level risk event category
United Kingdom 19/09/2007


  Future work programme    


  Any other business    


  Consideration and adoption of summary of decisions    
  CWGRM 2/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 03/10/2007

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