C 99

Agenda Item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date received


  Election of the Chairman and of the Vice-Chairman    
  C 99/1 This document informs the Council of the requirement to elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman Secretary-General 07/01/2008


  Adoption of the agenda    
  C 99/2 Provisional agenda Secretary-General 07/01/2008


  Contract of the Secretary-General    


  Date and place of the next session of the Council    
  C 99/4 This document proposes that the 100th session of the Council be held from 16 to 20 June 2008 Secretary-General 07/01/2008


  Supplementary agenda items, if any    
  C 99/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 11/01/2008
  C 99/SR.1 SUMMARY RECORD OF THE FIRST MEETING Secretariat 25/03/2008


C 99/D SUMMARY OF DECISIONS Secretary-General 04/12/2007

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