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IMO-Programme of meetings for 2005

10-14 January Sub-Committe on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping - 36th session (STW 36)
17-19 January Joint IMO/ILO Ad Hoc Expert Working Group on the Fair Treatment of Seafarers in the Event of a Maritime Accident - 1st session (IMO/ILO/WGFTS 1)
19-21 January Intersessional Meeting of the Working Group on Subdivision and Damage Stability (SDS)
24-28 January Sub-Committee on Fire Protection - 49th session (FP 49)
31 January -
4 February
Intersessional meeting of the Legal Committee Working Group on the review of the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation, 1988, and its Protocol of 1988 relating to Fixed Platforms Located on the Continental Shelf (1988 SUA Convention and Protocol) (LEG/SUA/WG 2)
7-11 February  Sub-Committee on Radiocommunications and Search and Rescue - 9th session (COMSAR 9)
15-17 February Joint ILO/IMO/Basel Convention Working Group on Ship Scrapping - 1st session (ILO/IMO/BC WG 1)
21-25 February Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment - 48th session (DE 48)
2-4 March International Workshop on Flag State Implementation
3-4 March UN Legal Advisers Meeting
7-11 March Sub-Committee on Flag State Implementation - 13th session (FSI 13)
14-18 March Working Group on the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme -3rd session (JWGMSA 3)
14-23 March Assembly of the IOPC Supplementary FUND - 1st session and Concurrent Meetings of the IOPC FUNDS
4-8 April Sub-Committee on Bulk Liquids and Gases - 9th session (BLG 9) 
18-29 April Legal Committee - 90th session (LEG 90)
25-29 April DSC Editorial and Technical (E&T) Group
11-20 May Maritime Safety Committee - 80th session (MSC 80)
23-27 May London Convention 1972 Scientific Group (LC/SG 28)
31 May -
3 June
6-10 June Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation - 51st session (NAV 51)
13-15 June Joint IMO/ITU Experts Group on Maritime radiocommunication matters - 2nd session (IMO/ITU EG 2)
14-16 June Technical Co-operation Committee - 55th session (TC 55)
20-24 June Council - 94th session (C 94)
27-29 June IOPC FUNDS
4-8 July Facilitation Committee - 32nd session (FAL 32)
7-8 July Ad Hoc Consultative meeting of senior representatives of international organizations on the "Genuine Link" (GL 1)
11-15 July Third meeting of the MEPC/OPRC-HNS Technical Group
11-15 July Intersessional meeting of the MEPC Ballast Water Working Group (MEPC/IBWWG 4)
13-15 July Intersessional meeting of the Working Group on Ship Recycling
15 July One-day open Technical Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Indexing Schemes for Ships
18-22 July Marine Environment Protection Committee - 53rd session (MEPC 53)

29 August -
2 September

Joint ICAO/IMO Working Group (JWG) on Harmonization of Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue - 12th session
7-8 September Jakarta Meeting on the Straits of Malaca and Singapore: Enhancing Safety, Security and Environmental Protection
12-13 September MSC Intersessional Working Group on Interpretation of SOLAS regulation XII/6.5 (ISR ISWG 1)
12-16 September Sub-Committee on Stability and Load Lines and on Fishing Vessels Safety -48th session (SLF 48)
19-21 September Joint IMO/ILO Ad Hoc Expert Working Group on Liability and Compensation regarding Claims for Death, Personal Injury and Abandonment of Seafarers -6th session
19-23 September Council Working Group on the Organization's Strategic Plan (CWGSP 5)
26-30 September Sub-Committee on Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers -10th session (DSC 10)
3-7 October DSC Editorial and Technical (E&T) Group
10-14 October Diplomatic Conference on the Revision of the SUA Treaties (LEG/CONF 15) 
17-19 October Intersessional meeting of an MSC Working Group on Long-range identification and tracking (MSC/ISWG/LRIT 1)
17-21 October IOPC FUNDS
24-28 October 27th Consultative meeting on contracting parties to the London Convention 1972 (LC 27)
24-28 October BLG Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals - 11th session (ESPH 11)
17-18 November Council - 23rd extraordinary session (C/ES 23)
21 November -
2 December
Assembly - 24th session (A 24)
2 December Council - 95th session (C 95)
12-14 December Joint ILO/IMO/Basel Convention Working Group on Ship Scrapping - 2nd session (ILO/IMO/BC WG 2)

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