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Import categories

Road / Fordon

In your application for verification of origin you should state the category that best describes the origin of your vehicle or the reason for import.

Import from countries outside the EU

Road / Fordon

Below you may find information about how to register a vehicle from a country outside the EU.

Accident Investigation Reports

Shipping / Olyckor och tillbud

Certain accidents at sea of particular interest result in accident investigation reports that shall be formatted according to international practice. A

Traffic insurance

Road / Fordon

All motor vehicles used in traffic must be traffic insured, according to the Traffic Injuries Act (1975: 1410). If you whish to, you may sign additional

Brexit information for examiners, ATOs and pilots

Aviation / Certifikat och utbildning

Until December 31st 2020 In order to avoid misunderstanding, the Swedish Transport Agency would like to clarify that Swedish examiners may proceed to conduct

Conversion of licences and ratings

Luftfart / Certifikat och utbildning

Third country conversions Only BPL, SPL, PPL and ATPL licences are eligible for conversion. If you have a PPL(A) licence issued by FAA, please see FAA

Paying and notification of congestion tax

Road / Road tolls

The taxable passages made by a vehicle into or out of Stockholm and Gothenburg during one month will be added together and dispatched to you as a tax decision

Third country instructors and examiners

Aviation / Certifikat och utbildning

Third country instructors 1. Part-FCL.900(c) Instructor certificate application To apply for Part-FCL.900(c) instructor certificate it shall be sent in

Automated vehicles

Road / Fordon

The Swedish Transport Agency issues permits for trial operations with automated vehicles on public roads. Anyone who seeks permission must be able to prove

Airspace restrictions

Aviation / Flygplatser, flygtrafiktjänst och luftrum

The Swedish Transport Agency may decide on restrictions or bans on aviation, in this way establishing restricted areas (R areas). This may be done for