Sewage refers to drainage and other wastes from any form of toilets and urinals, drainage from medical premises, from spaces containing living animals or other waste waters mixed with drainage.

Discharge of sewage from Swedish or foreign ships are prohibited in Swedish territorial waters and the Swedish economic zone except in the following cases:

  • Ships may discharge comminuted and disinfected sewage at a distance of more than three nautical miles from the nearest land.
  • Sewage that is not comminuted or disinfected and which has been stored in a holding tank may be discharged at a distance of more than twelve nautical miles from the nearest land if not done instantaneously, but at moderate rate when the ship is en route and proceeding at not less than four knots.
  • Ships may discharge sewage that has been treated in a sewage treatment plant that, if installed before 1 January 2010 is certified and meets the requirements specified in resolution MEPC.2(VI) and if installed 1 January 2010 or later meets the requirements in resolution  MEPC.159(55) .

A ship shall be equipped with systems for comminuting and disinfection of sewage or a sewage treatment plant or a sewage holding tank including pipelines and a pump for delivery of sewage into a port reception facility.

The regulations are described in due regulations of the Swedish Transport Agency (SJÖFS 2010:96) on prevention of pollution from ships.