New inspection rules from 20 May 2018

New inspection rules will come into force next year. The biggest change is that the fixed inspection periods, which are based on the last digit of the registration number, will be abolished.

The changes are being made to bring the rules into line with EU legislation. The following changes will be made:

  • The fixed inspection periods, which are based on the last digit of the registration number, will be abolished and variable periods are introduced for the majority of all vehicles.
  • The rule of respite* will be abolished
  • Inspection requirements will be introduced for 'A' tractors and class B tractors.

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The following vehicles are excluded from the requirement for periodic inspection, provided they have an approved and valid inspection in the last 24 month period:
  • Passenger car, lorry, bus, class I motorized vehicles, A-tractor and EPA-tractor aged 50 years or older.
  • Trailers aged 50 or older and who are pulled by any of the above vehicles.
  • Motorbikes aged 40 or older.

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The following vehicles may be exempt from the requirement for periodic inspection:

  • Rally cars (passenger car and motorbike) with orange registration plate.
  • Amateur-built-vehicles and amateur-built-passenger car built with a building kit that, by appearance and technology, mimic vehicles older than 50 years (passenger cars) or 40 years (motorbikes) and are rarely or never used in traffic. The conditions is that the vehicle i registered or that already registered vehicles have am approved and valid inspection in the last 24 month period.
  • Vehicles located on certain smaller islands without a fixed connection provided they have an approved and valid inspection in the last 24 month period.

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* If you license to use a vehicle with a driving ban due to a failure to inspect, you may, in some cases, receive a 21-day repsite for inspection. This means that you can drive your vehicle for three weeks from the date of entry before the vehicle gets a driving ban. When the new inspection rules start to apply, the rule of respite will be abolished but if you have been granted a respite before 20 May 2018, it applies.

The change in legislation entered into force on 20 May 2017, but the new rules will not begin to apply until 20 May 2018.

Temporary transitional rule facilitates the transition to new inspection rules

When the new inspection rules begin to apply, some vehicles will have a shortened inspection period and thus a new date for their periodic inspection inspection next year. For some vehicles, they imply driving bans if they are not inspected on time. Please note, therefore, that the date of the next inspection specified in the latest inspection protocol does not apply to these vehicles as it is based on current inspection rules.

In order to facilitate the transition, affected vehicles are allowed to be inspected outside their regular inspection period from 1 January to 19 May 2018. This also applies to A tractors, tractor B which are subject to inspection.

The Transport Agency does not send a notice when it is time to inspect a vehicle. It is up to each inspection company to market their services to the vehicle owners themselves. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the vehicle being inspected at the right time, even if you did not receive an offer from an inspection company

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