Importing vehicles and verification of origin

Are you going to import a vehicle to Sweden? This section provides straightforward information about how to import a vehicle and the rules that apply – from when the vehicle arrives at the Swedish border until the vehicle is ready to be driven.

 'Verification of origin' is a part of this process and you can find out everything about this subject here.

Temporary registration when importing a vehicle from a country outside the EU/EEA
Note: When you import a vehicle from outside the EU/EEA, its temporary registration will mean that use of the vehicle will be restricted. Restricted use means that you will only be able to use your vehicle for a journey using the shortest possible route:

- from a port, railway station, customs clearance point, repair workshop, storage premises or the like to such a place or premises where the vehicle can be kept pending a registration inspection, or
- to or from an inspection. 
Please note that you cannot send cash payments to the Swedish Transport Agency
The application fee for verification of origin must always be deposited into the Swedish Transport Agency's special verification of origin account. You will be provided with details of the account number and other payment information in conjunction with making a direct application via the website, or on the invoice that we will send you as soon as we have received your application.