Professional Qualifications taxi driver

Now it is possible for the taxi drivers from other EEA-state (or Switzerland) to work in Sweden.

From April 15, 2016, it is possible for you who work as a taxi driver in an EEA-state or Switzerland, to come to Sweden to take up employment, temporarily or permanently.

Temporarily exercise the taxi driving profession in Sweden

To temporarily exercise the taxi driving profession in Sweden, applies different conditions (depending on whether the profession is regulated or not in your country of establishment).
• If taxi driver profession is regulated in the country (in the EEA or Switzerland) in which you are working as a taxi driver, you should be legally established in that country (meet all the requirements for access to the profession).
• If taxi driver profession is not regulated in the country (in the EEA or Switzerland) in which you are working as taxi driver, you should have worked as a taxi driver at least a year in any EEA-state or in Switzerland over the past ten years. Exceptions to work experience are if the education to taxi drivers is regulated in the country where you are established.

Establishment as a taxi driver in Sweden

To permanently work as taxi driver in Sweden you are required to send in an application to the Swedish Transport Agency. When we do a recognition of professional qualifications we need to compare your qualification to the requirements for taxi drivers in Sweden. Thus it is helpful if you send in the following documents:

  • formal proof of professional qualification
  • personal list of subject matter or other certificate from the educator. Such document has to have information of the content of your education/exam/training etc. It has to state if there are any requirements of education, training etc for the right to pursue the profession as taxi driver in your country.

When you have sent the documents mentioned above we will start to asses your professional qualification. Professional qualifications may be conditional on compensatory measure (aptitude test or adaptation period). This means that you can do additional tests at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), or have a training period in a taxi company before you get your professional qualification recognized in full.

The other requirements of taxi licenses will be tested at the same time as your professional qualifications. The trial consists of

  • medical examination
  • suitability control of, for example, criminal records and
  • driving license for a certain time.

If your professional qualifications are recognized in full and if the other requirements are met, we will issue a taxi license to you. Once you have got your taxi license you can take up employment as taxi driver in Sweden permanently.

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