Brexit makes UK Notified Bodies lose their status

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU causes UK Notified Bodies to lose their status as EU Notified Bodies. This change is effective since 31 December 2020, when UK left EU.

Where the applicable conformity assessment procedure foresees the intervention of a Notified Body, products placed on the Union market after the UK withdrawal requires a certificate under the responsibility of an EU27 Notified Body.

Those in need of a Notified Body for their approval process thus need to take the necessary steps to ensure that they will hold certificates issued by an EU27 NB to demonstrate compliance for their products placed on the market as from the withdrawal date. This means that they need to either arrange for a transfer of their files and the corresponding certificates from the UK Notified Body to an EU27 Notified Body, or to apply for a new certificate with an EU27 Notified Body.

Notified Bodies who have lost their status are removed from the EU database for Notified Bodies (NANDO).