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At the moment the log in page and form to register as a new user is only available in swedish. Until we get it fixed, we hope you can manage with some help with our instructions.

Log in

To login, click on the "log in" button. Please note that the login page only is available in swedish. Hopefully the screenshot and translation below gives you some guidance.

Log in  

How to log in

Type your username in the field called "Användarnamn" and your password in the field called "Lösenord".

Screenshot of the login page

Screenshot "Log in"

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password please click on "Lost password" button or send an e- mail to: The "Lost password" page is only available in swedish. For translation and screenshot, please se below. 

Forgot password  

How do I reset my password

Type your email adress in the field called "Ange epost". Then click on "Gå vidare".

Screenshot of the "forgotten password" page

Screenshot "forgot password"

New user?

To become a user you need to fill in the register form. The register form is only available in swedish. Instruction on how to fill in is given on the register form page.  

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