Information to pilot students

Theoretical examination

To write a theoretical examination you will have to book an appointment with a invigilator, you or your flight school can do this.

List of invigilators

ATPL and CPL test can only be written at an ATO who conduct theoretical training for these licenses.

The fee for the invigilator is included in the fee that you pay when you register for the theoretical examination to the Swedish Transport Agency.

To pass examinations

  • You will have to pass all the subjects in the examination within a period of 18 months.
  • To pass an examination you need to score at least 75 percent on the tests. 
  • You have 4 attempts per subject. Except for the BIR examination with an unlimited number of attempts.
  • The tests has to be passed within 6 sittings, each 14 calendar days for ATPL, CPL, IR and CBIR exams.
  • Retests can not be be taken during the same sitting.

If any of the limits above are exceeded your examination will be considered failed and you will have to get additional theoretical training and complete a new examination.

Allowed equipment

No equipment except the items below are permitted during theoretical examinations. 

Ruler pro Ruler
Protractor Protractor
Navigation plotter1 Navigation plotter
Flight computer Flight computer
Non-programmable, non alphanumeric calculator(Ex Casio fx 82 or similar) Non-programmable, non alphanumeric calculator
Map 2152AB CAP 696,CAP 697, CAP 698, CAP 758
L1P performance appendixes(not the full L1P) Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual
  English - Swedish/Norwegian/Danish translation lexicon

Forbidden equipment

It is not allowed to record any content from the theoretical examinations in any way. The tests are classified in the Public access to Information and Secrecy act(2009:400). With regards to this and to examination procedures ARA.FCL.300 we regulate what is allowed to bring during theoretical examinations.

Following list are examples of what is not allowed to bring into the examination room:

  • All kinds of communication equipment
    • For instance cell phone/tablet
  • All kinds of watches
    • Analog
    • Digital
    • Smartwatch
  • All kinds of recording and playback equipment
  • All kinds of equipment which enable photo and video recording

Examination rules

  • It is not allowed to communicate with anyone except the invigilator during the tests.
  • Only the PEXO online examination web page is allowed to use.
  • It is permitted to mark text in the allowed equipment but it is not permitted to add information in any way.
  • It is not allowed to record any content from the theoretical examinations in any way.


If any of the rules above are violated or attempt of, the whole examination may be considered as failed and you will be banned to take any theoretical examinaiton in any EASA member state for at least 12 months.

The examination content is classified in the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act(2009:400) and it may be illegal to share information from the tests.

Comments on the tests

In our examination system we have a feature where you can comment specific questions. This may be used if you suspect some of the content of the test is incorrect or if there is a technical malfunction.

PEXO demo

We provide a test environment for our examination system PEXO where you can familiarize yourself with the examination environment prior to your test.

PEXO demo module


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