Notex 6 2021

NOTEX 6/2021 Update.

We hope you all had a nice summer, here is a short update about the latest news from us in the examiner team...

The combined form used for application and Assessment of Competence for examiners (TSL7073) was updated on august 17th. The background for the update is that BFCL (balloon) is now in force and is a part of the form in the same way as the other categories. Section D is updated and it now states that there are 6 tests over a 3 year period required for revalidation and not 2 per year as it used to be.

As from the 8th of September, EIR is replaced by Basic Instrument Rating with a transition period of one year. In other words, an EIR holder may exercise his/her EIR privileges until September 8th 2022. For those who are non-Swedish speaking, wishing to transfer their EIR to BIR, please contact the Swedish Transport Agency. There is information available in Swedish on the website Certifikat och utbildning - Transportstyrelsen. Since September 8th 2021, it is no longer possible to perform a skilltest for the EIR.

There is a new, combined IR/BIR form published, TSL 7371, Instrument Rating (IR) and Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) Aeroplane.

We encourage you to endorse the license after revalidation or renewal of instructor certificates after an Assessment of competence. Please keep in mind that you can only endorse the license if e.g. the 'FI' is already printed in the license. The forms for instructor application for airplane and helicopters are being updated and will be available online soon where there will be a separate section to document a renewal or revalidation (se example below). As you can see there is also a possibility for an instructor to have an examiner endorsing his/her license for revalidation by flight instruction and instructor refresher training. Until the updated form is published, feel free to endorse the license as described above and use the "additional information" box to document/describe what you have done and in which way you as an examiner has endorsed the license e.g. "I have revalidated the B737 300-900 SFI based on flight instruction and instructor refresher training, date of revalidation 15/09/2021 and valid until 30/09/2024". Please note that this section, including signature/examiner stamp is only mandatory if the license is endorsed. The form can still be used by the applicant as before, without any signature from an examiner.

Example, form TSL 7099 or form L-1755, screenshot


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