Notex 3 2021

This notex contains information about PBN, minimum required time for PC, TRI extension, the English translation of the examiner´s handbook


We have received information from EASA about how to handle an IR-PC which is performed without an RNP approach as a result of missing equipment or non-qualified simulator. Pay attention to that the applicant must have an initial PBN in his/her IR and it must be verified by the logbook or other suitable means (including theory, practical training and test).

If you perform an IR-PC on a type or class without an RNP approach, then confirm the information and tick the two lower boxes on the form (see below extraction from the form). You must inform the applicant that he/she must not perform any type of RNP approaches on the type or class in question.

Once the form reaches the Swedish Transport agency, a new license will be issued with a limitation to the IR for the type or class in question. The forms TSL7077 and TSL7100 are already updated and TSL7076 (HKP) is being updated. Until TSL7076 is updated simply write, in section J (ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING THE TEST/PC), that you have verified an initial PBN and performed an IR PC without an RNP approach.

Section of a PBN form.

Minimum required time for Proficiency checks

We would like to clarify that the minimum planned block time per pilot in MPA is 120 minutes. This is based on the GM to FCL.1015 which is Guidance but the Swedish Transport Agency has clarified its position in the examiner´s handbook 4.2.2.

For the conduct of the test, check or assessment of competence, minimum block hours shall be planned;

  • LAPL, PPL och CPL: 90 minutes
  • IR, FI och SP type: 60 minutes
  • MPL, ATPL och MP type: 120 minutes

Revalidation or renewal of TRI

In a revision of Part-FCL, two of the TRI ratings changed names:

  • What used to be TRI-FFS-only is now TRI/r
  • What used to be TRI Base is now TRI LT

Following a successful AOC for a revalidation or renewal of a TRI certificate you shall endorse the license exactly the way it is printed in the license. But you shall also write, in section J (Additional information) that a new license should be issued due to incorrect TRI rating in license. We would also like to highlight that if an applicant have e.g. SFI(MpA), TRI(MpA) LT och TRI(MpA) LIFUS they must all be endorsed on the backside of the license. It must, in other words, be written exactly the way it´s printed on the front page.

The examiner´s handbook

Revision 10 of the examiner´s handbook is issued, this is the first issue of the handbook in English and it is published on our website. We encourage both Swedish and non-Swedish examiners to read it.

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