Notex 2 2021

New CPL(A) skill test form.

For those of you who are doing CPL skill test, we would like to highlight that there is a new revision to the form. We have tried to make it easier for everybody involved (ATO, Examiner, Licensing department) to make sure that the candidate meets all the requirements. The form can be found on our website under TSL7259 and here is a short description of the biggest changes.

First, the Swedish Transport Agency would like to highlight that, after clarification from EASA, there is an error in the form which of course will be corrected asap.

Item 5.c Forced landing, simulated (SE only) is incorrect and applies to both to single engine and multi engine. This exercise is not to be considered only an engine out exercise in a single engine airplane but can also be a situation where a landing is imminent, for example a simulated cabin smoke, fire or anything else that prevents the applicant from reaching an airport or having the time to make a sufficient recognition of a suitable place to land, this independent of number of engines.

Check that the attended course has been ticked.

Section C must be filled in and hours verified by the examiner.

The checklist in section E must be completed as required and signed by the examiner, note this also applies to a Swedish examiner.

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