Notex 1 2020

The purpose of this Notex is to point out, clarify and highlight some of the information on the Swedish Transport Agency´s website concerning extension of ratings and certificates due to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 (Corona). You as examiners can be asked (nominated), by an operator, to extend the validity period on a type, class, IR rating or an instructor certificate in accordance with the exemption. A more detailed description is available on the Swedish Transport Agency´s website under Flight training and licensing-Notification of exemption.

In order to be included by the exemption, the pilot needs to have a CPL, MPL or ATPL and has to operate under Part-ORO. In other words, a commercial pilot actively flying for an operator operating under Part-ORO. To be perfectly clear, a LAPL or PPL license holder or someone working for an ATO or DTO is not included by the exemption.

If you are to extend the validity period e.g. on an A320, expiring on the last of April 2020, by 4 months you must follow the procedure under item I. a) on the website. Pay close attention to the mitigating actions by the operator preceding the extension. At the very bottom of the webpage are a few examples on how to extend a rating in a license. It is the responsibility of the operator to notify the Swedish Transport Agency and if the extension is done by a non-Swedish examiner please attach the examiner certificate with class/type, instructor license and examiner information clearly visible.

You as an examiner must pay attention to the following; Activities which can be performed in accordance with the regulations are not included in the exemption.

The Swedish Transport Agency has published a definition of "an examiner (TRE) nominated by the operator" as follows; first, an examiner (Skilltest or PC-restricted) on type or class. Second, a Swedish senior examiner with a rating on an aircraft in a similar category e.g. MPA, SPA or Helicopter (SP or MP). In exceptional cases an inspector from the SCAA.

Notification of exemption

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