Qualification requirements for pilots - unmanned aircraft categories 2 and 3

The pilot must have completed training on the relevant type of unmanned aircraft system, and shall also pass the Swedish Transport Agency's skill test and theoretical exam before the permit is issued.

You may complete the practical training on the relevant type of unmanned aircraft system in one of the following ways:

  • flying indoors
  • flying dual-control with a pilot who is approved for category 2 or 3 for the same category of aircraft (e.g. multirotor, aeroplane or helicopter)
  • in a model airfield in accordance with the model aircraft club's or association's safety regulations
  • in any other way approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Skill test

The skill test consists of a number of manoeuvers that the pilot must be able to carry out in a stable and safe manner. There is one test for aeroplane, one for helicopter and one for multirotor. You can read more about the steps included in each test here:

Theoretical training - rules of the air

The pilot shall possess knowledge of the aviation systems and the aviation safety standards found in AMC1 FCL.210; FCL.215 in Part-FCL This corresponds to the chapter "Air law and ATC procedures", its main sections applicable being those on airspace/rules of the air and flight operational requirements.

Training is optional

The most relevant textbook would be something in the field of "air law and ATC procedures". There are no specific training requirements: if you wish to offer or participate in a course, it is entirely optional. The examination is done on-site at the Swedish Transport Agency. If an applicant already possesses a licence for at least PPL or SPL, he or she does not need to take the theoretical test for unmanned aircraft category 2 or 3.

Take the test here

The tests usually take place in Norrköping, where we have access to fields specially intended for skill tests. The theoretical tests can be taken at the Swedish Transport Agency's offices. If there is suitable location, it is also possible to take the tests in other places in Sweden. The tests are usually taken in the end of the application process, and we will contact you to settle the date and location.

The certificate's period of validity:

An issued certificate of approved skill test and theoretical examination will be valid for an unspecified period of time, on condition that is not revoked.