Category 4

Find here information which may be relevant if you apply for a permit to fly unmanned aircraft of category 4.

Basic requirements

Apply for a category 4 permit if the aircraft is intended to be flown beyond the pilot's visual line of sight and without any special operating limitations.

"Beyond the visual line of sight" is the opposite of "within the visual line of sight", the latter referring to the maximum distance between pilot and aircraft within which:

  • the position and direction of the aircraft can be visually observed without the use of camera, binoculars or other visual aids; and
  • the aircraft can be safely operated in a way that enables the pilot to avoid collisions with other aircraft in the air and with people or property on the ground.

In this case, "other visual aids" do not refer to glasses or contact lenses intended to correct impaired vision.

For a full category 4 permit to be issued, the aircraft in question must have a type certificate. There must also be an approved system for the detection and avoidance of other aircraft ("detect and avoid system").

As an alternative to category 4, it is also possible to apply for a category 5 permit. This would be relevant mainly for limited use and special operations within a defined geographical area.

Application papers

If you wish to apply for a category 4 permit, please contact the Swedish Transport Agency for information about how to prepare your application. As a general rule, an application for a category 4 permit is to contain the information stated in annex 4 to the Swedish Transport Agency's Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft – TSFS 2017:110.


Within Sweden, the design, production, modification, maintenance and operation of civil unmanned aircraft are regulated by the Swedish Transport Agency’s Regulations (TSFS 2017:110) on Unmanned Aircraft.

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