Category 3

Find here information which may be relevant if you apply for a permit to fly unmanned aircraft of category 3.

If an operator is to be granted a permit for category 3, the unmanned aircraft must meet some basic requirements:

  • The aircraft's maximum take-off mass is more than 25 kilos.
  • The aircraft will only be flown within the pilot's visual line of sight.

The pilot must have completed training on the relevant type of unmanned aircraft system, and shall also pass the Swedish Transport Agency's practical and theoretical exam before the permit is issued. The pilot shall possess knowledge of air law and ATC procedures found in AMC1 FCL.210; FCL.215 in Part-FCL.

Read more about qualification requirements for pilots.


There is no application form specifically intended for category 3 permits; instead, the applicant will have to compose his or her own application. Here is a template with information about what the application shall contain and a suggested outline.

Please submit your application for a permit for category 3 operations via e-mail to

The application shall consist of two main parts:

  • general information
  • an operations and maintenance manual.

The general information

  • The applicant's name or company name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Personal or corporate identity number, depending on organisation type.
  • Description of the organisation and management intended for the operations, as well as the CVs of the following personnel: person responsible for operations, operations officer, technical officer and pilot.
  • Description of the intended operations.
  • Description of the unmanned aircraft system. This includes information about the type of unmanned aircraft (designation/manufacturer), dimensions and other technical specifications, and type of flight control system, as well as a presentation of how compliance with the requirements of Chapter 4, Sections 10-17 of TSFS 2017:110 is achieved.
  • A copy of the insurance certificate is to be attached.

Operations and maintenance manual

The operations and maintenance manual shall contain the information stated in Chapter 4, Sections 18-19 of TSFS 2017:110. It shall also contain a description of how compliance with Chapter 4, Sections 20-31 of those regulations is achieved.

Validity of the permit

Unless the Swedish Transport Agency revokes the permit or the permit holder cancels the permit voluntarily, a permit for category 3 will be valid for an unspecified period of time.

The permit will only be valid for operations carried on in Sweden.

Modifications to the permit

If you need to add or change anything in an issued permit, you have to apply for this to the Swedish Transport Agency. Also, you have to inform the Swedish Transport Agency if your operations will cease.

An application for modification to a permit can be submitted via e-mail to Describe in the e-mail what the application concerns, and give full contact details including permit number.

How to cancel a permit

If you wish to cancel your permit, you have to notify the Swedish Transport Agency before 1 January in order to avoid having to pay the annual fee for the coming year.

Cancel your permit by notifying the Swedish Transport Agency on Permit number and contact details are to be included, as well as permit type.


Within Sweden, the design, production, modification, maintenance and operation of civil unmanned aircraft are regulated the Swedish Transport Agency’s Regulations (TSFS 2017:110) on Unmanned Aircraft.

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