This section includes questions that we are often asked about congestion tax.

FAQ concerning congestion tax

How do I know how much congestion tax I should pay?

All passages made during one calendar month are aggregated in the form of a tax decision. A letter issued in the middle of the calendar month following the passage notifies the owner of the vehicle of the tax decision. You can view your paid and unpaid tax decisions by logging onto the service My tax decision and Provisional daily amounts. It is also possible to obtain information about the amount of the tax from Customer Services on +46 (0)771-29 29 29.

Can I pay my congestion tax via SMS?

Some companies have developed services for payments and reminders via SMS. These services have been developed by separate companies that are independent of the Swedish Transport Agency. They consequently have no agreements with us. We cannot provide the names of these companies.

They must have access to vehicle registration numbers and authorisation codes on registration certificates if their services are to work. It should be pointed out to the owner of the vehicle that the registration certificate is a valuable document that should not get into the wrong hands. A party who divulges their authorisation code and registration number should always ensure that it is not possible for this information to be used improperly.

I have been charged incorrectly for congestion tax. What should I do?

If you, as a tax subject, consider that a tax decision for congestion tax is incorrect, you can send a request for reconsideration by letter, fax or e-mail to the Swedish Tax Agency. Send your request to:

The Swedish Tax Agency
Congestion Tax Section
SE-701 87 Örebro, Sweden
Fax: +46 (0)10-574 51 80
E-mail: fordon@skatteverket.se 

The request for reconsideration should include the following:

  • the vehicle's registration number,
  • the date of the tax decision,
  • the reason for your reconsideration request,
  • your name and your address.

The request for reconsideration should have been received by the Swedish Tax Agency no later than 60 days after the date on which the first decision in the matter was made.

What rules apply to exemptions from congestion tax for those who have a Disability Parking Permit?

If you have a Disability Parking Permit, you may apply to the Swedish Tax Agency to exempt your vehicle from the tax obligation. The application form is available from the link below:
Application for release from congestion tax (in Swedish only)

This form can also be ordered via Customer Services on +46 (0)771-29 29 29. Customer Services will also answer any questions that you may have.

Please note that the exemption from the tax obligation applies for as long as the parking permit is valid. This exemption may still apply if your vehicle was exempt from the tax obligation during the congestion tax trial. This is why you should check the period covered by your decision from the Swedish Tax Agency (Congestion tax – release from tax obligation) before submitting a new application.

You will probably have to reapply if you have replaced your vehicle since the end of the congestion tax trial. You are not required to produce a physician's certificate when applying; you will, however, have to provide a copy of the front of your parking permit. When applying, the person may choose which vehicle should be exempt (the Swedish Tax Agency may exempt two vehicles from the tax obligation if there are exceptional grounds).

Congestion tax will be charged when you are travelling in another vehicle. There is no requirement stipulating that a person with a disability must personally own the particular vehicle in question.

Will a photograph be taken of me when I pass the control point?

A photograph will be taken of the number plate and an area around the vehicle's plate. The photograph will not include any people or objects inside the vehicle.

What constitutes classified information?

Under Chapter 9, Section 1 of the Secrecy Act (1980:100), information about which control point the vehicle has passed and the time of the passage constitutes 'classified information'. Classified information is only issued to the owner of the vehicle and may, following a special request, be sent by post to the population register address of the vehicle owner.

For how long is detailed information about vehicle passages stored?

Like the photographs, information about the time and place of passages is stored at the Swedish Transport Agency for as long as needed for a decision. This means that the information is removed if the tax has been paid and there is no request for reconsideration. If a request for reconsideration has been made, the information that is relevant to the matter is printed out and archived in paper form at the Swedish Tax Agency for a period of six years.

If an appeal is made against a tax decision, the information relevant to the case is stored with the authority dealing with the matter (for example, the Swedish Tax Agency, County Administrative Court or other court). Secrecy concerning detailed information about passages also applies when the matter is being dealt with by authorities other than the Swedish Transport Agency; for example, for a reconsideration or appeal.

Why are there signs (yellow metal signs with black text) stating 'Trängselskatt i Stockholm 0771-29 29 29' [Congestion tax in Stockholm] at Stockholm exits?

These signs have been erected to remind people to pay their congestion tax after they have left Stockholm. The Swedish Transport Agency wants to remind vehicle owners and drivers that the congestion tax in Stockholm applies to both passages into and out of central Stockholm. There are also signs (the toll road sign ('Betalväg') on the approach roads to Stockholm and at control points (the control point sign (Betalstation), the toll road sign (Betalväg) as well as signs displaying times and tariffs).